• What Is NMT

    Neuromuscular Therapy

    Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is a gentle and highly specific hands on approach for dealing with chronic pain and muscle dysfunction. Developed by JFK's former physician, Dr. Janet Travell, and later perfected by manual therapists, NMT offers a unique protocol that can treat pain in every region of the body.   You may have tried many other treatments with no lasting relief and may still be in need of a solution. NMT is extremely effective and involves no surgery, no injections, and no medications.

    By working directly with soft tissues we can free sensitized nerves, and reduce the tension that is causing other structural problems. Since the cause of soft tissue pain isn't always clear, and the location of pain is often not the source of the problem, it is essential to assess and determine all the probable causes, and then treat accordingly. By applying this knowledge in a systematic way we can reduce and often eliminate pains of all kind.  

    A Short Video on Trigger Points

    Feel free to watch this video on the theorized mechanism of a trigger point and how they can create complex pain problems. Many areas can be self treated, but knowing where and how intensively to treat often limits success when working alone. Precise treatment and assessment is how I can help you recover!

  • How It Works

    Chronic Pain? Nagging Aches? Stiffness? Spasms? Poor Performance or Posture?

    All can be the result of tight muscles

    When muscles are overworked or traumatized they can become stuck in contraction. The contracted portions accumulate and can create a muscle that is always tight, prone to injury, and resistant to stretching. This leads to pain and compromised joints. Standing and sitting straight becomes unnecessarily difficult, and exercise can feel impossible. Fortunately these tight areas can often be released and restored to their normal state. Pain is often a sign that soft tissues and nerves are in some kind of conflict.

    Why treat tight muscles?

    Pain is usually just the tip of the iceberg, and by the time it appears, we will have already had years of accumulating tension. Left untreated our situation only gets worse over time. We can manage by altering our movements and positions but coping in this way just perpetuates our issues and traps us in a cycle that is increasingly hard to break. Luckily by working backward it's possible to reduce and eliminate pain and even improve our overall strength and balance. If we treat areas of tension before they turn into pain we can prevent injuries and a lot of unnecessary suffering. Tolerating discomfort does not have to be our only option. Our body is our home and we can maintain it if we know how.

    Comprehensive Support + Tracking

    From the very first day you will see why Release + Restore is a unique treatment program. I'm a firm believer in tracking things. What gets tracked - gets done. Resolving issues requires time and patience so we need to know we are going in the right direction. That's why I equip you from the start. You will receive a number of charts and trackers I've made just for you, so we can get rid any obstacles to success and make your progress smooth.


    UPDATE: Our new digital system is transforming symptoms tracking and assessment. I look forward to sharing it with you!



  • Services

    Not sure where to start? Try An  Assessment


    45 Mins / $60

    This is a great place to start if you are looking for a deep dive on your current condition, but are not yet ready to start therapy.



    Assessment Sheet

    Postural Advice

    Care Plan

    Standard Session

    75 Mins / $125

    So you're ready to go?

    Let's get you on the road to feeling better!


    Intake Form
    Full Assessment
    Intro Booklet
    Symptom Tracker
    ​Full Treatment

    Aftercare Instructions


    Pack of 4 Sessions

    4 Sessions / $450

    4 Standard Sessions at a Reduced Price. This is a wonderful way of securing your sessions and saving money at the same time.



    Everything You Need
    Guaranteed Time Slots
    +Extra Savings

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  • Testimonials

    some words from my wonderful clients

    Eduardo Millan

    "I couldn’t recommend Rudy Riveron enough! I came in with an excruciating case of pain which radiated from my shoulder blade to my arm. This condition severely affected everyday activities from sitting to driving to flossing my teeth. Rudy listened patiently and attentively as I recounted my circumstances and he immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease with his kind and caring demeanor. He explained what his treatment would entail and imparted his knowledge in an easy to understand fashion. After three sessions my pain was virtually gone, and I am now completely pain free. I am very grateful to Rudy for his treatment and everything he did to help me coupled with such a gracious approach. Thank you, Rudy!!"

    Mikel Brown

    “I found Rudy's approach to be educated, respectful, and skilled. With a series of Neuromuscular sessions, I got some serious relief from a spot on my back that had been causing me discomfort for about ten years. I'm amazed at how long-lasting the effect has been and I'm so grateful for the help. I also learned a lot about the tension patterns unique to my own body and what I could do to prevent future muscular issues or discomfort while out in my daily life.”

    Betsy Adams

    “Rudy provides an in depth and caring analysis of what is going on with your body. And then proceeds to "release" the causes and allow the body to heal and "restore". I have been dealing with neck pain and limited range of motion. By identifying specific muscle triggers and applying pressure on those points Rudy was able to manipulate the muscles to relax and reduce pain and increase the range of motion. He is an easy person to work with and cares deeply about his clients and his craft."

  • Relief From

    tension can happen almost anywhere, and is often the cause of many problems*

    Bulging Discs
    Rotator Cuff
    Golfer’s Elbow
    Tennis Elbow
    Carpal Tunnel
    Frozen Shoulder
    Spinal Stenosis
    Herniated Discs


    Muscles Tears
    Groin Pulls
    Hip Replacement
    Patellar Tendinitis
    Bowed Legs

    Morton’s Neuroma
    Plantar Fasciitis
    Calluses & Corns
    Flat Feet
    Hammer Toes



    Repetitive Stress
    Poor Circulation
    Joint Pain
    Piriformis Issues
    Nerve Entrapment
    Low Back Pain
    Torn Ligaments
    Knocked Knees


    *Contact me and I'll be happy to explain how Neuromuscular Therapy can help alleviate the experience of any of these issues.

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  • About Me

    Rudy Alexander NMT,CMT,CPT

    Neuromuscular Therapist & Certified Personal Trainer


    As a pianist and music teacher I have always liked working with my hands, and I've considered my time with music as a form of therapy in and of itself. In the years of teaching and playing I became obsessed with alignment and healthy movement and I've been on a quest ever since to learn as much about the body as I can. I first became interested in body work to help my students, but was eventually in need of it myself after my back started giving me trouble. My own road back to health has led me to the incredible work of Janet Travell M.D., who's theories and methods form the core of my practice. She's pretty awesome - feel free to look her up.


    As a Neuromuscular Therapist I takes my responsibility to my clients very seriously. I'm ambitious and determined when it comes to educating others on how to improve their lives and I try to find the positive in every negative.


    I have 1400 hours of education and many, many more hours of study and experience. My thorough knowledge, unique insights, and sensitive hands give me an exceptional level of skill, but ultimately, more than anything, I care about those in pain.



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